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  • 2019

    • October 2019

      Adding new issuer_response_code E4 and E5 about rejection during 3D-Secure authorization (earlier there was only common E3).

      Creating new documentation of Espago gateway: From now, only this new documentation will be updated.

    • August 2019

      Adding Card on file parameter (cof = storing, recurring, instalment, unscheduled and other) for payments related to saving card data or made payment using card data saved in client profile:

      • Parameter "cof=storing" added to payment enables creating of client profile (no need to additional request for client create).
      • For backward compability, from August 2019 by default all payments with parameter "recurring=true" have automatically set "cof=recurring" in Espago (Merchant can overwrite this parameter with other cof values).


      Change of guidelines related to 3D-Secure verification (changes related to PSD2 and preparation for 3D-Secure v2.0.0)

      • each single payment should be made with 3D-Secure,
      • each subscription should be started or preceded by a payment with 3D-Secure,
      • each payment made using client profile (in subscription, one-click or on-demand payment) should have COF parameter.
    • May 2019

      22 may 2019: Adding in production env (secure) changes in lenght of ID parameters. Changes are applied only to newly created objects.

      • Changing the initial characters in the parameter transaction ID from "tn_" to "tr_". The transaction ID will be still 12 characters long (tr_xxxxxxxxx).
      • Increasing of lenght from 18 to 20 characters of every (without transactions) new ID parameters:
        • Payment ID (pay_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
        • Client ID (cli_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
        • Token ID and Token-cvv ID
        • Plan ID and subscription ID
        • Invoice ID and invoice item ID (elements of subscriptions)
      • Increasing from 12 to 14 lenght of parameter Service ID.
    • April 2019

      Adding in test env (sandbox) changes, which will be applied in production gateway in 21 may 2019 (described in "May 2019" section). Changes will be applied only to newly created objects.

      Adding issuer_response_code=15 (in language PL and EN) to SQL file in "Download" section.

  • 2018

    • October 2018

      Adding two-factor authentication in the Seller's panel.
      Adding back-requests during the refund of payment.
    • August 2018

      Implementation of Safekey AMEX (3D-Secure on American Express cards).

      Adding a payment refund option to the web panel.

      Adding functions in payment request: (link)

      • language per transactions (parameter locale)
      • email addres to sent email notifications (parameter email)
      • forcing to not send email, even if customer profile has email address (parameter skip_email)
    • July 2018

      Adding possibility to accepting using China Union Pay cards (UP/CUP).
    • February 2018

      Disabling protocol TLSv1.0 in production Espago gateway.
  • 2017

    • August 2017

      Adding Espago Secure Page for creating/updating client profile.
    • May 2017

      Updating descriptions of issuer response codes: adding R0, R1, 68, and updating most comments in languages PL, EN and FR. New format of SQL file.
    • January 2017

      Introducing Espago iFrame - new, improved soluton for creating token/getting credit card data/creating payments on Seller's website.
  • 2016

    • December 2016

      Adding options skip 3D-Secure function.

      Espago iframe added.

    • November 2016

      Double card authorization added
    • September 2016

      Adding API function, to get information about customer's card: country and bank.

      Improvements in web panel.

      Update footer in mail notifications: adding link to FAQ and seller contact data (this data can be set in web panel).
    • August 2016

      Added the fields’ separator "|" in the method of calculating the checksum. The update applies to MasterPass and Payment Page. The old way of calculating the checksum will be valid until the first quarter of 2017.
    • July 2016

      Release Espago JS in version 1.2: The use of new script (in place of old 1.1) doesn't requiere additional changes on Seller website. New script contain several improvements, and add function to create CVV tokens.
    • May 2016

      Adding parameter payment_id in back requests when payment is done according to subscription.

      Adding new states of rejected payments according to 3D-Secure rejections and errors. Parameter reject_reason "3ds_not_authorized", parameter issuer_response_code "E3".

      Minor updates in description of codes 12 and 62.

    • April 2016

      Adding possibility for creating subscription with delayed start.
    • March 2016

      Adding protection: escaping six special charactes with accordance with recommendation of OWASP. in all text parameters (description, first_name, last_name, etc.).
    • February 2016

      Added the possibility to set the redirect URL for the payment - parameter positive_url and negative_url

  • 2015

    • November 2015

      Adding possibility to redirect customer to secure payment website on Espago gateway.

      Updating description of "issuer_response_code": 00, 05, 57 in documentation and in sql/xml files.

      Adding new possible payment states: "tds_redirected", "resigned".

    • September 2015

      Adding posssibility to make multiple, partial refund.

      Implementation function for adding CVV to payment made on demand/repeated.

    • June 2015

      Further expansion of functions related to payments Espago in module Przelewy24.
    • May 2015

      Launch of DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) service.

      Changes in allowed payment status in APIv3.0, adding: dcc_decision, tds_status.

      Adding description of new "issuer_response_code": 91, 92, 95, 98 in documentation.

      Changes in SSL/HTTPS configration, disable supporting weak ciphers.

    • April 2015

      Enabling MasterPass service.

    • March 2015

      Adding to documentation description of two new error codes "issuer_response_code":  62 and 75.

    • February 2015

      Publishing API v3.0. Old version APIv2.0 can still be used, but most of new functions (described abowe) will be implemented only in APIv3.0.

      Enabling 3D-Secure options.

  • 2014

    • December 2014

      Publishing new version of Espago API documentation and moving it to new subdomain.

    • November 2014

      Disabling support of SSLv3 for incoming request (API) and outgoing (back_requests).